The Truth About Cervical Exams

In this episode, we break down the pros and cons of getting cervical exams. When they might be necessary and when they’re not. How they can help, and how they could hinder!


In this episode, Ciarra and Samantha discuss the topic of cervical exams during pregnancy and labor. They explain what a cervical exam is and what providers are looking for during the exam. They discuss the reasons why providers offer cervical exams and the potential benefits and drawbacks of getting them. They emphasize that cervical exams are not a crystal ball and do not accurately predict when labor will start or progress. They also highlight the importance of informed consent and the right to decline cervical exams. The episode concludes with a reminder that the decision to have a cervical exam is ultimately up to the individual.


  • Cervical exams during pregnancy and labor are not a crystal ball and do not accurately predict when labor will start or progress.
  • The decision to have a cervical exam is up to the individual, and informed consent is important.
  • Cervical exams can provide information about the cervix's position, baby's position, and progress during labor.
  • Cervical exams carry the risk of infection and accidental breaking of the water bag.
  • Providers may offer cervical exams to gather information for potential inductions or to establish a baseline for labor progress.

00:00 Introduction and Disclaimer
00:32 Overview of the Podcast and Hosts
01:04 Introduction to the Topic: Cervical Exams
03:23 When and Why Providers Offer Cervical Exams
06:36 The Potential Benefits and Drawbacks of Cervical Exams
08:01 Personal Experiences and Emotional Impact of Cervical Exams
09:55 The Controversial Nature of Cervical Exams
10:53 Reasons to Decline Cervical Exams
14:02 Considering the Benefits and Risks of Cervical Exams
25:23 Informed Consent and the Right to Decline Cervical Exams
29:30 The Complexity of Labor Progress and Generalizations
33:45 Conclusion and Closing Remarks

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The Truth About Cervical Exams
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