Vaginal Steaming - Embracing Your Cycle

In this episode, Chantal Blakes talks with us about using vaginal steaming in your cycle. 

Chantal Blake is a Womb Steaming Therapist and Writer with a professional background in nursing, environmental engineering, and peristeam hydrotherapy. She weaves the fields of medicine, environmentalism, and holistic self-care into fascinating and practical instruction for women of all ages.
Since 2019, Chantal has helped hundreds of women experience healthier periods and greater allyship with their female design through consultations, courses, and private coaching. Her work continues to reach an ever-growing audience through published articles, podcast interviews, and speaking engagements. As a world traveler and serial expat, Chantal has learned how to communicate her heartfelt desire to see women flourishing in their female design across cultures, contexts, and languages. And as a wife and mother of three, she is extremely passionate about nurturing a legacy of women who love their periods, honor their wombs, and protect their fertility for generations to come.
Chantal’s first book, Peaceful Periods: Holistic Womb Care for Teens, is championing an international movement of empowering and positive menstrual health education backed by science and traditional wisdom.

You can download a free excerpt at and follow her events on Instagram and Facebook: @‌honoredwomb.

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Vaginal Steaming - Embracing Your Cycle
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