Sibling Support: Navigating Birth with Children Present

In this insightful episode of Birth, Baby! Podcast, we dive deep into the often-contemplated decision of whether to have siblings present during the birth of a new baby. 

Join us as we welcome back the esteemed midwife, Leonora Colen, from Home Birth Honey in Austin, Texas, to explore the nuanced pros and cons of this unique birthing experience.

In this conversation, we discuss the topic of siblings in the birth space, particularly for out-of-hospital births. We provide tips for preparing children for the birth of a sibling, including using curated videos to educate them about birth, discussing the sounds of birth, and ensuring that one person is dedicated to the well-being of the child during the birth. We also talk about the challenges of having children present during labor and the importance of having a backup plan. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the timing of labor for second-time parents and the benefits of home birth and midwifery care. 

Preparing Children for the Arrival of a Sibling
The Importance of Curated Videos and Discussion
Dedicating a Person to the Well-being of the Child
Challenges of Having Children Present During Labor
One-on-One Attention for Older Children
The Benefits of Home Birth and Midwifery Care

 - Curated videos can be helpful in educating children about birth and preparing them for the arrival  of a sibling.
 - Discussing the sounds of birth with children can help them understand what to expect during the birthing process.
 - Having one person dedicated to the well-being of the child during the birth is important, especially for out-of-hospital births.
 - It can be challenging for mothers to fully relax and focus on labor when their children are present in the birth space.
 - Taking time for one-on-one attention with older children during pregnancy and after the birth can help them feel special and included.
 - Labor for second-time parents often starts soon after their older children go to bed.
 - Home birth and midwifery care can provide a more personalized and supportive experience for families.

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Sibling Support: Navigating Birth with Children Present
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