Navigating Loss and the Journey of Healing

Diamond Williams shares her personal journey of multiple pregnancies, miscarriages, and the inspiration behind writing her book. She emphasizes the importance of open dialogue and support for those experiencing pregnancy loss. Diamond turned to writing as a way to heal and found solace in sharing her story with others. Diamond reflects on the need for better education and support for women during pregnancy and birth. The conversation explores the role of doulas in different birth scenarios, including unmedicated births, epiduralized births, C-sections, and inductions. Doulas provide physical and emotional support, help with decision-making, and advocate for the birthing person's wishes. They can also be valuable in cases of pregnancy loss or trauma. 

She has an incredible book you can check out called The Lost Trimester that you can find here:

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  • (00:00) - Introduction and Sponsor Message
  • (01:36) - Guest Introduction: Diamond Williams
  • (03:29) - Emotional Impact of Miscarriage
  • (08:04) - Birth Experiences and Hospital Care
  • (14:07) - The Role of Partners in Birth
  • (29:17) - The Importance of Doulas and Birth Support
  • (31:05) - The Role of Doulas in Different Birth Scenarios
  • (37:52) - Support and Advocacy in Pregnancy and Birth
  • (44:17) - The Importance of Open Dialogue and Support for Pregnancy Loss
  • (52:56) - Writing and Sharing Personal Experiences for Healing
Navigating Loss and the Journey of Healing
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