Milestones for the First Year of Life

Today we have Dr. Kristi Hammerle of Year One Wellness with us to share her knowledge of what to expect the first year in terms of milestones! Dr. Kristi Hammerle, PT, DPT, CBS is a pediatric physical therapist and certified breastfeeding specialist. She is the owner of Year One Wellness, an infant-specialty practice in Austin, TX where her team works with babies with feeding difficulties, torticollis, body tension, head flattening, and trouble with milestones. One of her passions is educating the community on the benefits of optimal development for all babies, so you can join her at her local baby play classes where she will share activities and strategies to promote purposeful play, healthy communication, and motor development throughout YEAR ONE and beyond! She also spends her extra time teaching at a Doctor of Physical Therapy program, presenting on cutting-edge pediatric topics at professional conferences, and running her therapist mentorship program. You can find out more about her and Year One Wellness on her website or on all socials @‌yearonewellness.

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Milestones for the First Year of Life
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