History of Birth and the Village in the US

We’re joined by Sabrina Ortolano in this episode to talk about the history of birth and the village in the United States. The birth scene has changed so much over the years, and it has an impact that people don’t always realize.  

Sabrina Ortolano is a Birth Doula who has been supporting families for nearly thirty years. She is also the owner of IPSB, Los Angeles’ longest-running bodywork school, where she is the head instructor for courses on prenatal massage and this history of birth in the United States. Sabrina’s teaching emphasizes how to provide the best care and support for clients navigating major life transitions and milestones, with a particular focus on the birth experience and its various nuances.  

Owner & Director at
IPSB - School of Integrative Psycho-Structural Bodywork
IPSB Wellness, Education & Media
Email: sabrina@ipsb.com
Instagram: @‌ipsb_massage
Learn More About IPSB here: www.IPSB.com 

In this episode, Ciarra and Samantha interview Sabrina Ortolano, a birth doula with nearly 30 years of experience. They discuss the evolution of birth practices in the United States and the impact on the parent-child bond. They also explore the concept of the village and how it has changed over time, from a community of support to a paid service. The conversation highlights the importance of accessible and affordable support for families during the perinatal period.

Introduction and Sponsor Message
Introducing Sabrina Ortolano
The Changing Landscape of Support
Recognizing Privilege and Accessibility
Conclusion and Closing Remarks

  • Birth practices in the United States have evolved over time, with a shift towards medical interventions and a focus on pain relief.
  • The historical practice of Twilight Birth, where women were sedated during labor, had negative effects on the parent-child bond and led to poor outcomes.
  • The concept of the village, a community of support for families during the perinatal period, has changed, with a shift towards paid services and a lack of accessible and affordable support.
  • It is important to recognize the privilege associated with being able to afford support services and work towards making support more accessible to all families.
  • Building a strong support network, whether through friends, family, or professional doulas, is crucial for a positive birth and postpartum experience.

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History of Birth and the Village in the US
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