Count the Kicks: Ensuring Baby's Well-being with Kimberly Isburg

Join us for a crucial episode of Birth, Baby! Podcast as we unravel the importance of kick counting in pregnancy. Many expectant parents have heard about kick counting but may feel unsure about how to effectively practice it. That's why we're thrilled to have Kimberly Isburg, an expert from Count The Kicks, to guide us through this essential prenatal ritual. 

00:00 The Birth of Count the Kicks
05:11 When to Start Counting Kicks
06:12 How to Count the Kicks
08:54 Using the Count the Kicks App
10:14 Addressing Changes in Fetal Movement
16:25 Dispelling Myths about Fetal Movement
20:16 Accessing Count the Kicks Resources

Count the Kicks is an evidence-based stillbirth prevention program that teaches pregnant women to monitor their baby's movement patterns in the third trimester. The program was created by five Iowa moms who lost daughters to stillbirth and infant death. They were inspired by research from Norway that showed a 30% reduction in stillbirths when moms were educated on fetal movement. Count the Kicks recommends starting kick counting at 28 weeks and provides a free app to make it easy. The app allows users to track their baby's movements, set reminders, and share data with their healthcare provider.  

In this informative conversation, Kimberly sheds light on the benefits of kick counting, including its role in reducing the risk of stillbirth. From understanding the frequency of kick counts to distinguishing between normal and concerning movements, she shares invaluable insights to empower expectant parents in monitoring their baby's well-being.  

Discover how the Count The Kicks app simplifies the kick counting process, providing a user-friendly tool to track fetal movements and promote peace of mind throughout pregnancy. Learn about the ideal frequency of kick counts, common misconceptions about fetal movement, and how to interpret changes in movement patterns as pregnancy progresses.  

Whether you're a first-time parent or experienced in the journey of pregnancy, this episode equips you with practical knowledge to prioritize your baby's health and safety. Tune in to Birth, Baby! Podcast to gain expert advice from Kimberly Isburg and embark on a journey of empowered pregnancy care.  

Don't miss out on this insightful discussion – because every kick counts in the journey of welcoming new life into the world.  

  • Count the Kicks is an evidence-based program that teaches pregnant women to monitor their baby's movement patterns in the third trimester to prevent stillbirths.
  • Kick counting should start at 28 weeks, or 26 weeks for high-risk pregnancies or multiples.
  • The Count the Kicks app makes kick counting simple and provides a history of movement data for comparison.
  • Changes in fetal movement, such as a decrease or rapid increase, should be reported to a healthcare provider.
  • Count the Kicks reduces anxiety and increases bonding with the baby.
Learn more about Count The Kicks:  

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Count the Kicks: Ensuring Baby's Well-being with Kimberly Isburg
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