Birth Stories: Cory's Story of Navigating Conflict with her OBGYN

In this candid and heartfelt episode of Birth, Baby! Podcast, we delve into Cory's empowering birth story, filled with unexpected twists and valuable lessons. Join us as Cory bravely shares her journey of pregnancy and childbirth, where her initial choice of OB led to a series of interventions she hadn't anticipated.  

Tune in to hear Cory's honest account of the highs and lows of her pregnancy, as she navigated through the complexities of medical decisions and birthing preferences. From the excitement of early pregnancy to the challenges of advocating for her desired birth experience, Cory's story resonates with authenticity and resilience.  

Discover how Cory's choice of OB and birth team influenced her birth experience, and gain valuable insights into navigating the healthcare system to achieve a birth free from unnecessary interventions. With heartfelt advice and firsthand wisdom, Cory offers encouragement to expectant parents seeking to make informed choices about their birthing journey.  

Whether you're a parent-to-be or a birth professional, this episode provides invaluable perspectives on the importance of informed decision-making and effective communication in pregnancy and childbirth. Join us as we celebrate Cory's journey of growth and empowerment, and learn from her experiences to create the birth experience you desire.  

Don't miss out on this inspiring episode – because every birth story has the power to inspire and educate. Tune in to Birth, Baby! Podcast and be empowered by Cory's transformative journey of love, resilience, and the pursuit of a birth filled with intention and empowerment.


00:00 Introduction to Birth Baby Academy
02:16 Birth Story Introduction
03:09 Challenges with Autoimmune Disorders
08:23 Desire for a Natural Birth
25:41 Pressure to Schedule Induction
36:45 Emotional Impact and Preparation for Birth
38:14 Onset of Labor
38:44 Early Stages of Labor
41:02 Water Breaking and Hospital Arrival
48:03 Dealing with Medical Professionals
56:13 Challenges and Interventions
01:05:17 Pushing and Delivery
01:09:22 Reflection and Gratitude


Cory shares her journey to getting pregnant and the challenges she faced due to her autoimmune disorders. She discusses the importance of preconception health and the support she received from her functional medicine doctor. Cory also talks about her decision to have a natural birth and the challenges she faced with her OB who did not align with her birth preferences. She shares her experience of feeling dismissed and pressured to undergo interventions. Despite the obstacles, Cory and her husband remained firm in their choices and prepared for a natural birth. Cory shares her birth story, detailing the progression of her labor and the challenges she faced along the way. She discusses the early stages of labor, the moment her water broke, and the decision to go to the hospital. Cory reflects on the anxieties she had throughout her pregnancy and the panic she experienced during labor. She talks about the importance of having a supportive birth team and the role her doulas played in advocating for her. Despite facing interventions and challenges, Cory ultimately achieved her goal of a vaginal birth.


- Preconception health is important for women with autoimmune disorders who want to get pregnant
- Finding a healthcare provider who aligns with your birth preferences is crucial
- Advocating for your birth choices can be challenging, but having a supportive partner and doula can make a difference
- It's important to trust your instincts and make decisions that feel right for you and your baby Having a supportive birth team is crucial during labor and delivery.
- Anxiety during labor is common, and it's important to address any concerns with your healthcare provider.
- Medical interventions, such as epidurals and Pitocin, can be helpful in certain situations.
- Having a birth plan is important, but it's also important to be flexible and open to changes.
- Reflecting on your birth experience can help process any emotions or trauma that may have occurred.

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Birth Stories: Cory's Story of Navigating Conflict with her OBGYN
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